Rohith Kaiyum wins travel award and presents his OCT findings at CAM

On July 2019, graduate student Rohith Kaiyum, presented his recent findings of OCT measured optical properties from aging softtissue-bone interfaces responsible for periodontal disease at the Canada-America-Mexico Graduate Conference in Physics. In collaboration with LiveVue, Dr. Hassan Moghadam and Rohith will soon explore and quantify their findings on humans. ...Also while in Sudbury, Rohith got […]

Biophysicist, Nader Allam, takes 1st Place Aug 20, 2019!

Nader Allam's project entitled  "Developing a Radiochromic Film for Real-Time and Low Cost Dosimetry in Radiotherapy" took first place at the 2019 Undergraduate Research Conference.   His project, in collaboration with Dr. Rink at University Health Network, Toronto garnered much interest as he presented to judges his findings for new formulations for a radiochromic sensor probe […]